Creative Conversations Staff

Creative Conversations is Spellbinder’s media tool to encourage and support conversation between creatives and publishers. It currently consists of a blog and a podcast channel.

Blog Coordinator:
Amber Kennedy
Podcast Coordinator:
Doriana Dyakova

Doriana Dyakova is a Bulgarian-born, UK-grown third-year English Literature student at University of Exeter. She is also currently fashion editor of Lavande magazine online. Doriana is an enthusiastic creative, having had two poems published in the Exeter Enigma Journal, and enjoying illustration and concept art in her spare time. She hopes to engage in new and radical creative dialogues with her colleagues in the podcast, discussing topics from the quality of social media poetry to the growth of representation in art and film. Her literary interests currently revolve around Siri Hustvedt, Kristeva, and Rossetti, exploring the links of philosophy, art and poetry.