Masthead – Ashlynn Theo

Ashlynn Theo (She/Her)

Associate Editor

Spring 2023 – present

Ashlynn Theo is an aspiring novelist and journalist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She began her journey as an interactive story writer almost 3 years ago back in 2020. In 2022, she decided it was time to commit to working towards starting her first novel, with dreams of one day becoming a full-time author. She particularly enjoys stories made to scream a truth hidden beneath the masks of the fantastical, the romantic and the exaggerated. Ashlynn also strives to write stories, poems, and essays that challenge the pressures, stigmas and boundaries of society woven with elements of fantasy; touching on mental health, identity fractures, and the complex, messy relations that plague many youths today. In the process of applying to study in the UK as an English and Creative Writing major, Ashlynn spends her days primarily reading and writing, as well as working on establishing her writer’s blog/website Yours Truly, Ashlynn, which will be published in March-April 2023.