Staff – Amber Kennedy

Amber Kennedy


Amber Natalie Kennedy is a poet, short story writer and novelist from Oxfordshire, England. Her works explore the themes of travel, conflict, and identity. Amber probes philosophical questions, and is fascinated by the interrelationship between the visual arts, music and writing. These themes are also central to her cultural and travel blog. Amber has recently experimented with more formal styles of poetry after having spent many years writing in free verse. She is keen to engage in more literary journeys which take her in completely new directions, and is enthusiastic about challenging herself to think about the materiality of her work, as well as its content. While at The Henry Box School in Witney, she led a creative writing group for younger students, and also attended the Oxford Writer’s Squad in 2012-13. She became president of Durham University Creative Writing Society in 2018-19, while reading English Literature for her bachelor’s degree. Amber began her master’s degree in Creative Writing, also at Durham University, in September 2020.