2024 Art Competition – Variations of the Sky

During June 2024, we invited Spellbinder’s Instagram followers to enter a visual art competition themed around Variations of the Sky. This was both our first visual art competition as well as our first even competition.

We received many lovely submissions and our judges, Linda and Pip, chose two winners. Keep reading to check out the winning pieces (in no particular order)!


Angel Sky

Aren, a beginner photographer from Honduras, has a keen eye for detail and a love for capturing fleeting moments. She specializes in landscape photography while exploring various themes inspired by cinematography, Renaissance art, and the raw energy of old rock vibes. Aren aspires to continually expand their skills and explore new styles and types, driven by a desire to evoke emotion through her art. Find her on Instagram @lem562.

Richard Manley


Richard Manley’s views haven’t changed much since he started taking pictures and writing plays full-time, twelve years ago. He’s fascinated by the endless variety and tender paradoxes of human behavior. He is also drawn to those moments of being when a coincidence can open the door to a room full of profound truth.

Both winners had a choice between a print copy of a recent Spellbinder issue or a free monthly subscription to our website for one month. We look forward to hosting more competitions in the future!