Spellbinder is a nonprofit quarterly literary and art magazine which celebrates artists, dramatists and poets, as well as writers of fiction and nonfiction.

Our Story

Spellbinder was founded in 2020 by a group of students who were based in Durham, England, at the time, and who had first met at the Durham University Creative Writing Society. The team has now grown to proudly include editors from a range of different countries around the world, all generously devoting their time to providing this literary and artistic platform, at the same time as pursuing their own careers, studies and other commitments and interests. The two remaining original co-founders, Amber and Linda, operate as the central management committee of the magazine, and are indebted to all of the volunteers who join the Spellbinder team.

Our Ethos

Inclusivity and diversity are at the core of Spellbinder‘s ethos. They strongly value being able to provide a platform for an international range of voices from many different backgrounds and cultural experiences.

Our Mission

The editorial team is particularly keen to promote the works of those who are at the beginning of their literary careers. However, they also welcome submissions from writers and artists who have been published before and feature widely-known creatives in each issue as well.

Our Style

The magazine seeks to capture originality and innovation as it arises in the artistic and literary worlds. Spellbinder is looking for work which tests and experiments with the boundaries of media, form and convention whilst also entering into a dialogue with and engaging with textual and visual artistic history and traditions. The editorial team have particularly enjoyed receiving submissions with interesting and unusual themes, as well as insightful and original ideas.

Our Events

The Spellbinder anniversary party celebrates the achievements of contributors by giving an award to the most successful submission within each genre category. Spellbinder hosts a number of other events throughout the year including Spoken Word Showcases and Writer’s Workshops, often in collaboration with other magazines and different creative groups.

Our Platforms

Spellbinder produces online content through its blog, Spellnotes, available on Medium, and its podcast, Spellchats, available on Spotify. Spellbinder also publishes regularly on its social media pages: