Volunteer With Us


If you are interested in acquiring experience in the publishing sector, we offer opportunities to join our team on a temporary or a permanent basis. As we are a nonprofit organisation, this would be a voluntary, unpaid role.  


Spellbinder is active on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Goodreads. We require a new Social Media Content Creator with the expertise to plan, schedule, write, design and post regular updates on our platforms. In this role, you would receive extensive training from Linda, the former Social Media Content Creator. This role would involve collaborating frequently with the Marketing Executive. We are looking for a creative, reliable and organised individual with proven technological skills and a good eye for detail.


If you think that you would be suitable for any of these roles, please contact us via the contact form below prior to the 1st of December including a covering letter detailing your interest in Spellbinder and in the role(s) you are applying for. We may then ask to send us your CV/resume to officially apply for the position(s). A portfolio will be required at this point if applying for the Social Media Manager position. Please feel free to contact us to ask any questions you may have.

Please use our contact form for further information and/or to express interest in any of these positions.