About Spellchats


The official Spellbinder Podcast, a platform for thought-provoking discussion between editors, contributors and readers, hosted on Spotify.

Creative Collaborations

Creative Collaborations is a special type of podcast dedicated to Spellbinder’s exchange with other individuals, groups and journals in the literary and artistic worlds.

These episodes are collaborative and seek to foster supportive and inspiring relationships between creatives.


Interviews take place once per month, with an artist, painter, or creative individual.

This is where we really put creative conversations into practice! These are 45/50-minute episodes, where our coordinator probes, laughs with, and encourages an author. We aim to present you with a dialogue to introduce you to their work, their ideas and their passions. We hope that this section will inspire you to expand your literary and artistic horizons, as well as give a much-needed voice to creatives in such a polarising and commercial industry! Look out for our email!


One or two reading will be selected every month to be discussed and presented from our most recent publication, giving you a taste of the amazing creators, we have in store.

Giving their work an oratory edge really emphasises how enthusiastic and talented they are. We will feature all types of creatives, such as poets, illustrators, journalists, photographers. Make sure you look out for your favourites.

Book Club

This podcast will be a forum for discussion of works which are not published by us, and for conversation topics that are contributors find interesting.

Once per month, we will analyse and discuss a popular or requested work, so that you can be involved in our literary process too. We would love to know what YOU love as listeners, so drop any discussion topics in an email or in the comment sections!