About Spellnotes


The official Spellbinder Blog, a platform for casual conversation between editors, contributors and readers, hosted on Medium as well under Spellnotes.

Collaborative Notes

Collaborative Notes is a special column dedicated to Spellbinder’s exchange with other individuals, groups and journals in the literary and artistic worlds.

These posts are collaborative and seek to foster supportive and inspiring relationships between creatives.

Editor’s Picks

The Editor’s Picks section will showcase and review some of the best extracts from the works published in our back issues of the magazine.

This will provide an opportunity for readers to gain a sense of the work we publish. We believe that this is important to help us promote the work of our contributors. Our accompanying reviews will give readers an insight into our thoughts. We really hope that you find these extracts as memorable and inspiring to read as we did.


The Tips section is an advice platform to help writers and artists to improve the quality of their work. 

Tips will be suggested by the Spellbinder team, as well as experienced writers and artists, who will contribute and exchange thoughts on what makes a work of literature or art brilliant and unforgettable, and thereby help support creatives at the start of their journeys.


The Resources section will provide a series of writing and art group activities to help people learn about, as well as experiment within their preferred creative medium. 

These activities will provide innovative ways to make the creative writing process one of interaction, conversation and group experimentation. We hope that these resources might challenge writers and artists to experiment with a form, medium, genre or style that they have never tried before. We hope you learn something new alongside us!


The Prompts section expands upon the initial ideas we post through our Instagram channel.

We hope that this will be a place for aspiring contributors to come to look for inspiration on those days when they experience writer’s or artist’s block. We are very excited to see whether these prompts spark people’s imagination to create something truly remarkable.