In this page, you will be able to see what the Spellbinder community on Twitter thinks about a variety of topics, related or not to art and literature. Become part of the Spellbinder community and turn every Sunday into a #spellbindersunday by following our Twitter account @spellbindermag. What’s so special to us about #spellbindersunday is to share little precious memories, tips, and ways of being with our followers – to find a common appreciation and gratitude for an art-filled life.

We have only recently started this but we hope to fill this page soon!


What’s a writing-related habit that has completely changed your perspective and your life as a writer?

“Noting down details of insignificant things because I think it might be useful for building characters or a mood in my future stories.” Advice by @shrubaboti

Where have you been featured recently?

“I was fortunate enough to be featured as a guest poet in the March issue of The Crow’s Quill from @QuillandCrow.” Reply by @SuzannaLundale


What’s a must-read for someone who loves Spellbinder and all things fantasy, speculative, folklore, surreal, and magical?

“Ursula LeGuin’s gentle and thought-provoking short story collection Changing Planes.” Recommended by @sarahjansencom

What’s your favourite childhood book?

“The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins.” Recommended by @LoquaciousType

“The Magic Tree House series was one of my favorites!” Recommended by @justatwinge


What are some unusual artistic experiences you recommend?

“Lucy Zhang’s SAPLING.” Recommended by @CandiceKelsey1

What’s the piece of art that got you into art?

“For paintings, it was Christina’s World! Something about the serene setting really stuck with me! Even without seeing her face, I can imagine how she’s feeling sitting in that field.” Recommended by @messymisfits


What’s your favourite musical? Where did you see it?

“Bombay Dreams, it was in London on a school trip, we got to go for the weekend we were 17/18 and felt very glamorous and grown up. We got to share proper hotel rooms with a friend, not just a hostel. It’s such a stand out memory. The show was incredible and I’ve not seen anything since with as much energy. It was so bright and colourful. We saw Mamma Mia that weekend as well but Bombay Dreams was unforgettable.” Recommended by @spinningdove

“Chicago. I saw it first in theaters and I now own the DVD to watch it anytime I want.” Recommended by @atullerwrites

“Wicked; it was my first musical. Although I’m going through a semi-Hamilton phase right now, I haven’t actually watched it.” Recommended by @XtremeBarnett


What are some of the most mind-bending films and tv series you have watched?

“Without doubt, in its synthesis of 19th and 21st century themes and contexts, its radical portrayals of iconic writers, and its devotion to an Emily Dickinson we have never met before, Dickinson has bent my mind, made me laugh, and made me cry.” Recommended by @NewVerseNews


What’s your favourite musical artist / music genre / album to listen to while writing?

“I reach for early Butthole Surfers. That hybrid of punk and psychedelic music is inspiring to me. Funny and scary. Depending on the tone of my piece I’ll put on Hairway to Steven (1988) or Locust Abortion Technician (1987). Art.” Recommended by @HankKirton

“Puccini’s TOSCA (feat. Maria Callas). “Dammi i Colori” is my favorite piece.” Recommended by @CandiceKelsey1

“Any genre so long as it’s instrumental or in a language I do not understand. I particularly love writing to the jazz-noir outfit @Biglazyx, the tangos of Astor Piazzolla, and @DakhaBrakha.” Recommended by Ink, EIC of @StanzaCannon


What’s your favourite online book reviewing platform or book club?

@thestorygraph for sure! They have a feature where you can see content warnings/trigger warnings. They also allow you to rate books in .5 or .75 format which is extremely helpful. Such a wonderful alternative to GoodReads not only because of the above features but also because their interface is beautiful and the creators are constantly improving it.” Recommended by @FzReads

The cover images are respectively by Nur Yilmaz, Nubia Navarro, Verend, cottonbro, Megha Mangal, Elina Sazonova, and Taryn Elliott on Pexels.