Spring 2024

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Release Date

1 – 4 – 2024
2753-4103 (Print)
2753-4111 (Online)


Chief Editor
Poetry Co-Editor
Nonfiction Editor
Fiction Editors

Art Editor
Drama Editor
Associate Editors

Amber Kennedy
Doriana Dyakova
Linda Arrighi
Bruna Gomes
Ashlynn Zhang
Catherine Cooper
Lara Morgan
Keelan Blagg
Emmett Coleman

Cover Art

Warren Muzak

Button Factory


Jeannine Hall Gailey

Self-Portrait as Fairy Tale: The White Cat

Poetry Contributors

Garfield Chow

Jacob Schapiro
Michael Beard
Patrick Slevin
I Echo
Kenneth Pobo

On First Seeing the Snow
Requiem for a God
Red Sky Warning
The Convent Farm
A Tongue and an Arm
After Pie

Fiction Contributors

Soumi Roy

Every You

Visual Art Contributors

Giuseppina Brandi

Warren Muzak
Diane Kavaya

Nothing is Set in Stone
Button Factory
Steps in Time

Nonfiction Contributors

Ninna Hultgren

Cynthia Close

Jeremiah Swader

The Loneliness Questionnaire Nobody Knows I Have a Brother
The First Snow

Drama Contributors

Dorian Winter

Sylvan Psychosis

2024 has been a great year so far for the team here at Spellbinder. Firstly, we have launched our new monthly e-newsletters and given all of our former contributors and featured creators the opportunity to opt into this. These newsletters will be an important space for us to update you about our upcoming paperback and digital publications, new blog posts and podcast episodes, as well as general Spellbinder news. We will also use this platform to celebrate Spellbinder’s award winners and advertise events we are organising, such as spoken word showcases and our annual anniversary party. However, we don’t want our readers to miss out on the latest news beyond Spellbinder in the literary and art worlds, so we will also be sharing mini reviews of recent major award winners’ works and alerting you to major festivals and other events you might want to attend. If you haven’t opted in yet, but want to get these helpful updates straight into your email inbox, just scroll down to the bottom on our website’s homepage and you will be able to sign up.

Other developments this season include the long-awaited revival of our podcast, Spellchats. Find us on Spotify to listen to our podcast hosts, Doriana and Ashlynn, introducing the platform, and our collaborative founders talk with Parishka from Red Megaphone Press, a publication based in India. We hope these conversations are engaging to listen to and we would love to hear your feedback, via our contact form, if you have any suggestions for future themes you want us to discuss. Also, keep an eye out, because we are planning a further collaborative project with Red Megaphone Press which will be in the form of a Spoken Word Showcase in the spring. We will notify you about this as soon as we pin down the details.

In this issue, we are delighted to include a poem from a former Spellbinder Writer’s Workshop host, Jeannine Gailey, who delivered a fascinating session on speculative poetry in late 2021. This work is due to appear in her collection Fireproof, which will be published by BOA Editions. It’s great to read her fantastic work again and an honour being able to share it with you.

We are also very pleased to announce that we have made an exciting change to our website subscription plans, which allow our readers to access the digital versions of our issues. Previously, we only offered annual subscriptions, but upon reviewing this, we thought that our community would benefit from having the option to read Spellbinder without committing to a full year. For this reason, we now also offer the option to subscribe monthly. This gives subscribers access to all past issues for the duration of a month, thereby hopefully making Spellbinder more accessible to our readership and beyond.

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, spring is finally on the horizon and so we are, as ever, feeling optimistic for the rest of the year ahead. Whether you’re approaching autumn or spring, have a wonderful few months and take a copy of Spellbinder out with you into the world, for the more we share the work of great writers and artists, the brighter this world will be. Let’s spread our wings, like bees, and pollinate the flowers so the seeds of creativity can spread!

Amber Kennedy, Editor in Chief

We have created a playlist inspired by the Spring 2024 Issue. Feel free to play it while reading:

Poetry shortlist – Spring 2024

BethSunrise Song
Ryan M MayerThe Singular Coquette
Aimee LowensternBorrowing

Fiction shortlist – Spring 2024

Elina KotsilitiSay a Few Words for Maria Py
Rachel SloanMarianne Berchtold, known as Nannerl, née Mozart

Drama shortlist – Spring 2024

Alex UrwinI Need to Speak to the President