Masthead – Adrija Dutta

Adrija Dutta (She/Her)

Former Associate Editor

Summer 2021 – Autumn 2022 (inclusive)

Adrija Dutta is a prose and short story writer from Calcutta, India. She goes by the pronouns she/her, and is an evolving feminist. She is currently pursuing her final year as a Lit Major from St. Xavier’s College, having completed a one-year course on Creative Writing, and intends to study Comparative Literature after. Being an avid reader, her literary choices are influenced by a focus on themes of socio-political relevance, feminism and gender. Her passion lies in exploring the peripheral Literary voices which do not make it to the mainstream, and dare to thrive in their own uniqueness. For Adrija, art is anything that is borne out of a brutal moment of extreme vulnerability, and which possess the innate potential to challenge and reorient people’s perspective on an established norm of life.