Masthead – Anubhuti Jain

Anubhuti Jain

Former Associate Editor

Co-founder – October 2020 – Summer 2021 (inclusive)

Anubhuti Jain is a poet and prose writer from Jaipur, India. She enjoys collaborating on creative projects related to the arts, often experimenting with a combination of different mediums. She attended the Oxford Creative Writing Summer School in 2016, and became secretary of Durham University Creative Writing Society in 2018-19, joining an inspiring creative community. Alongside pursuing her undergraduation in Literary Studies at Durham, she participated in an intensive year long creative writing course conducted by novelist Dr Fadia Faqir in 2019-20, getting an opportunity to engage with various written forms and genres, and to work collaboratively with other keen writers. To her, creativity is a process of honesty, and she likes to explore themes dealing with the daily intensities of lived experience.