Masthead – Shrishti Abrol

Shrishti Abrol

Former Associate Editor

Summer 2021 – Winter 2022 (inclusive)

Shrishti Abrol is a feature writer, poet, editor and essayist from Andamans; her writings meditate on undulating flavours of etymology, emotions and perspectives. Born and bred close to the sea, Shrishti believes in the meaningful possibilities that metaphors offer: to a creative piece and to understand life. Tracing the ever-present history in individual creations across cultures, culinary craft, fabric art and language is a popular theme in her work. Choosing the hyphenated space between literature and communication, she holds academic degrees in English Language and Literature as well as Mass Communication with Journalism. Experimenting across stages of content creation, her creative career spans the entire writing spectrum from ideation to publication. And for her, writing is all about experimenting.