Spellbinder’s 12 Days of Advent 2021

Here is our special December treat for you: Spellbinder’s 12 Days of Advent.

For each of the twelve days, you will find a festive activity suggestion and a festive recipe from around the world for you to have a go at. This is an opportunity to celebrate the culinary traditions of the many different countries our staff team and contributors identify with.

Feel free to save or print any of these images, but please don’t forget to credit Spellbinder if you share them on your website or social media.

We hope these activities and recipes will make your December extra special!

Day 1: Ice Skating and Panettone

Day 2: Crafting and Stollen

Day 3: Christmas Market and Mince Pies

Day 4: Writing to Santa and Buche de Noel

Day 5: Christmas Concert and Mexidos

Day 6: Lights Switching and Crema Catalana

Day 7: Christmas Movie Night and Riskrem

Day 8: Christmas Decorations and Pavlova

Day 9: Christmas Pantomine and Nankhatai

Day 10: Garden Centre and Babka

Day 11: Gift Shopping and Belgian Hot Chocolate

Day 12: Sleigh Riding and Rakia