The Shortlist

This page showcases and celebrates the poetry and fiction submissions which were shortlisted during our selection process. We regularly receive brilliant submissions which just don’t quite make it into the Spellbinder issues. Most of the time, the editors are really impressed by these submissions but have to make a decision which factors in the vision of Spellbinder and the limited page space available. In recognition of the talent of these poets, fiction writers, and playwrights we want to let them know how close they came and how much we enjoyed receiving their work.

Poetry shortlist – Winter 2023

Louis FaberFrozen
Lucas DeanCrossing
Adrian HarteMy Fingers Shake
Kathleen PastranaTurtles and Teal Shirts
Gilberte FarahTo Ma Zena
Adesiyan OluwapelumiPhoenix
Danny BarbareThe Pecan Leaf
John BartlettSing Out for Ukraine

Fiction shortlist – Winter 2023

Gina GidaroThe Owl
Daniel CrosbyWho are you Waiting for?

Drama shortlist – Winter 2023

Travis TurnerPluto’s Litterbox: A Modern Take on Hades & Persephone

Poetry shortlist – Autumn 2022

Laura Hemmington spoon sweets for the unbelievers
Nathaniel FranklandThe World is your Oyster
MP PowersPrelude to a Non-Existent Past
David FordThe Event
Rachel FinneyA Poem for Mid March

Fiction shortlist – Autumn 2022

Greg Sendi The Peshaman Fragments
Alice FlorenceOrr Sky Path
Sára BányaiSacre du Council

Drama shortlist – Autumn 2022

Anne Undeland King of the Dink
Christine EmmertRiver Stones
William Ivor FowkesStage Directions

Poetry shortlist – Summer 2022

Corinna BoardThe Woman Outside my Window
Elizabeth BartonMoon Ride
Jo BahdoShark at the Shore
Julie SampsonDrawing in through the farm track
Dagne ForestSingle Event Upset
Greta UnetichEvening Rain (Haiku)
Chris CampbellMinutes Tiptoe
Mike WilsonPlaying Possum
Frank BrunnerThe Dweomered Maiden
Timothy EG BartelCoins can kill

Fiction shortlist – Summer 2022

A.J. PellegrinoA Friendly Face in the Dark
Kenneth PoboSeasoning