Finding the Unidentifiable

This post should inspire you to think creatively in relation to the following prompt and is especially targeted at script writers.

Create a scene where characters feel a spiritual or unidentifiable energy and interact with it. Play with how the different characters react and express their opinions and beliefs surrounding the existence and authenticity of this presence. Conclude the scene by revealing some truths about the characters and/or the presence. 

Suggestions for Script Writers

The human experience is filled with unanswered questions and inexplicable mysteries, so why not engage with these elements of life within your drama?

Start off by researching a religion or belief system which is not your own. This will provide an alternative perspective on spirituality which might just breathe new life into your dramatic style.

Then think carefully about your own opinions and beliefs. Do they correspond to a particular religion or are they less organized than that? How might you incorporate them into your writing?

A lot of people may experience an unidentifiable energy as part of nature; is there something miraculous or very much alive about a seemingly stationary scene? Take into account the sights, smells and sounds of any particular place and this might enable you to access some of this natural energy.

Now think as a script writer, most of your content needs to be expressed in speech. What are the most authentic ways of expressing beliefs? Most people find that unidentifiable energies and spirits are somewhat abstract. Think about how your character can struggle with the limits of language to express something completely intangible and immaterial.

Once you have done all of this, have a go at writing a script of your own and sending it in to Spellbinder for our Winter 2022 Issue.

We hope that you find this prompt guide useful.

Amber Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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