Autumn 2021 – Art

Chien et Loup

Alison Gallego

Alison Gallego’s photography piece ‘Chien et Loup’ is a wonderfully atmospheric image, capturing three shadowy figures looking out over the expansive Parisian skyline as the sun is setting. Muted pink clouds paint the sky above and the golden evening glow of the city warms the streets the light has deserted.

This image holds a visual symmetry between the three hooded figures and the striking Eiffel Tower. In the foreground and to the right of the image, we see the three figures dressed in hooded jackets. The figure in the centre is standing, but with two other seated figures, one on either side, all looking over the city. The way they are dressed and posed suggests that they are perhaps young adults, comfortable in their surroundings. Looking out onto their city, they create a form resembling a point, mirroring the glittering Eiffel Tower in the background. The visual symmetry of this and the posing of the youths towering above the city in the foreground, leads us to believe that this visual symmetry is deliberate and even symbolic. The Eiffel Tower has come to be a great symbol of Paris, and France, since its creation, and the youths looking out onto it may be glimpsing to and speculating the future for themselves, and their city.

Either way, Alison has managed to capture a beautiful thought-provoking image. I am so happy we got to include her photography in our Autumn edition.

Kate Cooper, Art Editor

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels

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