Finding the Lens

This post should inspire you to think creatively in relation to the following prompt and is especially targeted at photographers.

While you are on holiday, try and explore the artistic potential of the places and views you see with the aim to produce holiday pictures that are different and unique. 

Suggestions for Photographers

Finding a place to take a photograph might seem difficult but you have to remind yourself that our earth is visually beautiful. It is a work of art in itself. Whether it be the plants, the wildlife or even the incredible works of architecture produced by mankind, take the time to stop, look and capture what you see. Holidays are great because they give you more time to reflect and find the perfect perspective for your camera lens.

When you’re taking the picture, you might want to consider experimenting with the following techniques:

  • Close up photographs will look incredible if you capture water droplets under the camera lens
  • Purchase a glass ball and hold it in front of your image; you will find that it will turn any part of the background which is behind the ball upside down

When you are taking shots, also think carefully about how you are framing them, what lighting you have available, and how you can capture the essence of a moment – whether that be someone’s emotion displayed on their face or their movements.

Any written art requires an extensive editing process, and so does photography. Once you have taken your initial photograph, think about what you can achieve by cropping, rotating and applying filters. There are many useful software programmes out there, including photoshop and lightroom, which will help you do this.

Furthermore, it is useful to take inspiration from others. Have a look at some photography competition winners and see what sort of work they are producing…

We hope that you find this prompt guide useful.

Amber Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief

All photographs copyright © 2021 Megan Bowers. Permission obtained for use on this blog post. Check out her new and old Instagram accounts by clicking here and here.

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