Winter 2023 – Art

‘She’s Got Mirth but I Got Bravado’ – Alejandro Gonzalez

Alejandro Gonzalez’ digital illustration ‘She’s Got Mirth but I Got Bravadois a wonderful piece of artwork that I won’t easily tire of appreciating. Alejandro’s inspiration for the piece was a fusion of several feelings and ideas he experienced that translated to art whilst sitting in a coffee shop early last year. 

The strong muted colour palette used by the artist and the unusual busy texture in the background of the work initially caught my eye. Despite several bold and dominating elements within the work, there is an obvious intention to evoke a softer story behind the initial Bravado.

The feminine figure depicted in the piece is based upon a woman who came into Alejandro’s life and immediately captured his attention. His new feelings towards her, coupled with the continuous need for more honest representation of minorities within media, drove Alejandro to create this work. Both of these themes are tied together seamlessly in this piece.

It brings me joy to disclose that they are still together almost a year on.

Kate Cooper, Art Editor

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Photo by Junior Teixeira:

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