Spring 2023 – Drama

‘The Nightmare Began When I Woke Up’ EVELYN: I guess we should start?EDITH: I guess so.EVELYN: My name is Princess Evelyn, and I was recently awoken from a sleepingcurse.EDITH: My name is Princess Edith, and I was recently awoken from a sleeping curse. By Kaylon Willoughby A fairytale retelling in a princess support group.Snow White… Continue reading Spring 2023 – Drama

Spring 2023 – Nonfiction

Saltwater, or how witchcraft led me to address my guilt and grief by Madeleine Brown Saltwater, or how witchcraft led me to address my guilt and grief is an excellent piece of creative nonfiction which we are very proud to have published in the Spring 2023 Issue of Spellbinder. Overall, Saltwater is a beautifully written… Continue reading Spring 2023 – Nonfiction

Tackling Surrealism

A fantastic way to be more adventurous in your writing is to try your hand at radical literary and artistic movements by following their principles and engaging in decades of creative conversation. Surrealism is a movement which has remained fresh and ever-evolving, and has always been politically and culturally subversive. A great example of its… Continue reading Tackling Surrealism

Winter 2023 – Art

‘She’s Got Mirth but I Got Bravado’ – Alejandro Gonzalez Alejandro Gonzalez’ digital illustration ‘She’s Got Mirth but I Got Bravado‘ is a wonderful piece of artwork that I won’t easily tire of appreciating. Alejandro’s inspiration for the piece was a fusion of several feelings and ideas he experienced that translated to art whilst sitting… Continue reading Winter 2023 – Art

A Guide to Photography Galleries

In April 2021, I provided a useful list of world-famous galleries for visual artists searching for some inspiration, but it occurs to me that many of these fantastic museums are painting and sculpture focused and therefore, the photographers amongst you may be wishing for something a little bit more photography specific. For this reason, I… Continue reading A Guide to Photography Galleries

Autumn 2022 – Drama

French Knickers by Patricia M Osborne Patricia M Osborne’s piece featured in our latest issue, French Knickers, proves to be a wonderful and engaging character monologue. The stage description of the character’s entrance sets the entire mood: she walks in carrying a bottle and a glass of red wine. She flops into the armchair, kicks… Continue reading Autumn 2022 – Drama