Spring 2023 – Drama

‘The Nightmare Began When I Woke Up’ EVELYN: I guess we should start?EDITH: I guess so.EVELYN: My name is Princess Evelyn, and I was recently awoken from a sleepingcurse.EDITH: My name is Princess Edith, and I was recently awoken from a sleeping curse. By Kaylon Willoughby A fairytale retelling in a princess support group.Snow White… Continue reading Spring 2023 – Drama

Autumn 2022 – Drama

French Knickers by Patricia M Osborne Patricia M Osborne’s piece featured in our latest issue, French Knickers, proves to be a wonderful and engaging character monologue. The stage description of the character’s entrance sets the entire mood: she walks in carrying a bottle and a glass of red wine. She flops into the armchair, kicks… Continue reading Autumn 2022 – Drama