A Guide to Literary Museums

If you are a writer, you will want to learn about successful works that have achieved widespread acclaim. This will inspire you and assist you with the development of your ideas. Even if you’re not a writer, it’s still fun to visit museums and appreciate the stories behind great creators. This guide will list some of the most spectacular literary museums on earth and give you some insight into some writers with which they are concerned.

Firstly, I will begin with museums which contain artefacts and material related to particular writers.

Chawton, England

Jane Austen’s House Museum

  • Learn about the novelist famous for works such as Pride and Prejudice

Haworth, England

Bronte Parsonage Museum

  • Learn about the sisters famous for novels such as Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre

Nottingham, England

Newstead Abbey, Lord Byron’s house

  • Learn about the poet famous for works such as Don Juan

Near Sawrey, England

Hill Top, Beatrix Potter’s House

  • Learn about the children’s writer famous for works such as The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Great Missenden, England

The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre

  • Learn about the children’s writer famous for works such as The Witches and James and the Giant Peach

Salinas, United States of America

National Steinbeck Centre

  • Learn about the novelist famous for works such as Of Mice and Men

Hartford, United States of America

Mark Twain House & Museum

  • Learn about the writer famous for works such as the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Yasnaya Polyana, Russia

The National Leo Tolstoy Museum-Estate

  • Learn about the novelist famous for works such as War and Peace

Prague, Czech Republic

The Kafka Museum

  • Learn about the novelist and short story writer famous for works such as The Castle

Paris, France

Maison du Victor Hugo

  • Learn about the novelist famous for works such as Les Miserables

Secondly, I will list museums which contain artefacts and material related to a number of writers.

Newcastle, England

Seven Stories

  • This national centre for children’s books has archives of works by Enid Blyton and Philip Pullman. I remember going here as a small child and thoroughly enjoying this place where everyone was passionate about books and reading.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Writers’ Museum

  • This museum is devoted to teaching you about the famous Scottish writers: Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson.

New York City, United States of America

The Morgan Library and Museum

  • On display here, you can view the first editions of Lord Byron, Nabokov, Plath, Mark Twain and Edgar Allan Poe.

Aside from these more informative and traditional museums, there are those which attempt to visually recreate scenes from famous works of literature. It is these that I shall conclude this blog post with.

Copenhagen, Denmark

H.C. Andersen Fairy-Tale House

  • Journey through scenes from Anderson’s children’s tales which include the Ugly Duckling. Copenhagen is also famous for a statue of his other well-known character, the Little Mermaid.

Oxford, England

The Story Museum

  • This place is great for children as it allows them to enter scenes from classic books.

I hope that this guide to the world’s top literary museums will be useful for you.

I have lots of special memories associated with a few of these museums. If you have any particular associations with any of these museums, writers or textual artworks, comment below. We would love to read your thoughts.

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Happy exploring!
Amber Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

By Amber Kennedy

Amber Natalie Kennedy is a poet and fiction writer from Oxfordshire, England and co-founder and editor-in-chief of Spellbinder Magazine. She currently works full time in publishing. She has a master’s degree in Creative Writing and a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, both from Durham University. She has attended and led several different writing groups.

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